4th of July in Oslo  

We're all familiar with how the Fourth of July is celebrated in the United States. Fireworks, backyard barbecues and weekends away are just some of the ways Americans celebrate the United States' birthday. But what do expats do to celebrate the holiday? Well, for the last 30 years, Americans living in Oslo have held their Fourth of July celebration, growing from a plan hatched in someone's living room to a major event in the city. This month, we'll trace the roots of Oslo's celebration and highlight what you can expect if you go.

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Health Tips for Work  

It is easy to form unhealthy habits at the work place, especially if you work in an office that requires you to sit all day. The best trick for dealing with bad habits at work is to prevent them. When starting a new job, first figure out a daily routine to keep you healthy. Here are a couple things to keep in mind:

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fafsa 2

Tips for Filling Out FAFSA  

Unless you filed for an extension, by now you should have filed your 2014 income taxes. If you're a student, this means it's time to submit your Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA. To a lot of us, the FAFSA process is an inconvenient stop on the path to getting access to our financial aid for the upcoming school year. However, it's exactly this laissez faire approach to filling out the FAFSA application that allow for mistakes to happen. These short sighted mistakes can throw major wrenches in your fall semester and create some significant headaches.

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Turn Volunteering into a Job  

The reasons for volunteering should be evident: it benefits the community and provides a rewarding experience for yourself - but what about professional growth? Increasingly, people are turning towards volunteer opportunities to gain a foot hold in a new career, especially in the non-profit sector.


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