College Graduation - 
Last Minute Details


Along with the big preparations made before college graduation and life ahead there are the details that can easily get overlooked or forgotten. Your college will probably do a good job at reminding you to pick up your graduation robe, pay that library fine or give your forwarding address but here is the list of to-do's just in case you forget.

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A Regal Quiz


Throughout history, the Norwegian royal family has played an important role in shaping the country and showcasing its national pride. Think you know everything about Norway's royalty? It's time to test your royal knowledge!

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Spring Finals



To most students, finals week is a source of considerable stress. The idea of a series of exams determining the success of your semester may seem daunting, but should it? With a little planning and good time management, studying for finals can be a breeze.


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International Workers Day

(Arbeidernes Dag)



May 1st is International Workers Day, known in Norway as Arbeidernes Dag. It is a public holiday with parades and celebrations. Schools are closed. The day is traditionally reserved to show the strength of workers and address current issues for working class Norwegians. Current-day celebrations may also involve a picnic or another outdoor activity.

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Russ i Norge

Springtime in Norway is exciting for many reasons. The weather begins to warm up, there is more sunlight, and the school year draws to a close. For students in their last year of videregående skole (high school), spring is a special time of pre-graduation revelry, known as russefeiring.

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